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Information for presenters, performers and lecturers on facilities and equipment.

We are delighted that you will contribute your know-how and skills to the development of the AIN community. If you miss any information, please contact the organizing team.

Main Hall

The opening, keynote talks and performances will take place in the Martin Hall of the Academy of Performing Arts. For further details, please visit the venue page.

Learning Journeys

All learning journeys will take place in the Impro Centrum of the School of Applied Improvisation. For further details, please visit the impro centrum page.​


Each classroom will be equipped with a paper flipchart, markers and chairs. The equipment requested in the application form will be provided by the organizing team. Musical items and other supplies are not provided. The lecturers are responsible for the arrangements. The venue volunteers will help you with the technical equipment if needed.


All registered presenters can find their schedule on this website. Go to the list of presenters and click on your name. You should see the list of events you present or co-present.


The Academy of Performing Arts is a historical place and therefore certain restrictions apply. It is forbidden to manipulate and play musical instruments (pianos). It is also forbidden to put anything on the walls (use flipcharts). There might be other policies based on the room. If you are not sure, please ask the venue volunteers. We believe that the genius loci will compensate for the inconvenience caused by the regulations.

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