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Check out the keynote presenters and the topics they bring.


You can see the programme overview or download it as a PDF document. You can also download the complete schedule (programme.ics) and import it into your calendar application (you need to manage programme updates manually, e.g. reimport the updated file).

Kateřina Lesch


AI for AI: How to leverage Artificial Intelligence within Applied Improv

Kateřina Lesch is a data scientist with an AI expertise and an NLP background. Having previously worked as a product developer specialized on Text Analytics and a manager of a AI & Data team within Big Four, she now works as a Head of Data Science & Risk division of an IT company EmbedIT. Kateřina got her PhD. in Computational Linguistics. Her research concerns mainly Sentiment Analysis and Information Extraction. She also has expertise in Cognitive Automation and Forensic Linguistics.

Tomáš Ervín Dombrovský


What can (labour market) data tell us about the future of education?

We are proud to introduce Tomáš Ervín Dombrovský, a leading labor market analyst at Alma Career (formerly LMC). With over 13 years of experience, Tomáš provides invaluable insights into the dynamics of  education and employment. His research and analyses are crucial for HR professionals and organizational leaders, offering practical recommendations to enhance workplace collaboration.

As a member of the external advisory team to the Czech Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Tomáš's expertise is widely recognized. Under his guidance, Alma Career has developed innovative online services, transforming how people find jobs and pursue education.

Ladislav Karda


Where is the game?

The artists are standing on the stage all alone. Without a task, without stage design, without boundaries. They are playing, cooperating, testing, acting and reacting. They are trying to decode what is going  on. Here and now. Remarkable adventure of the improvisation, that is rising from zero point. Impro from scratch. Maybe you are familiar with improv with rules but this is something else. Our journey started 9 years ago at Theatre Faculty of Performing Arts and we were writing thesises, testing our limits and limits of improvisation until we became Czech National Improv Theatre. What we found during these 350 shows we will present at AIN to you, our dear guests.

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